BERTAZZONI Professional 60 X60INDMFEBL Electric Induction Cooker – Blue, Blue


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Bertazzoni – X60INDMFEBL

Width: 60 cmSingle-oven cooker with grillMultifunction ovenEasy-clean enamel

This Bertazzoni Professional 60 X60INDMFEBL Electric Induction Cooker in blue brings you a powerful hob and good-sized oven complete with a full-width grill to meet all your cooking needs.Introducing inductionYou’ll enjoy the direct power of induction technology, which uses a coil beneath the hob surface that induces an electrical current in the metal of your induction-compatible cookware.This provides extremely fast heating that’s directed straight to your food, cooking it accurately and thoroughly, giving you superb control. Since there’s little to no residual heat, it’s much safer to reach over the hob to move things around, and the appliance saves more energy.Big cooking for smaller kitchensFour hob zones give you ample space for your pots and pans, allowing you to multitask and cook as you please. Each zone on your Bertazzoni Professional 60 X60INDMFEBL Cooker offers nine power levels including a boost function for when you need more intense heat, quickly.Pan detection keeps things safe and energy efficient – when a pot or pan is removed from an element, the induction connection is broken and the heat subsides rapidly. Additionally, residual heat indicators show when each zone is too hot to touch.Multifunction ovenThe Bertazzoni Professional 60 X60INDMFEBL Electric Induction Cooker offers a 59-litre multifunction oven that allows you to prepare your food in a variety of ways – pull off those recipes you’ve been dying to try.From conventional heating to fan-assisted heat and different combinations of the top and bottom elements, you’ll be able to cook several of the same item at once (such as batch baking applications), or different items on each level. It’s real multitasking flexibility.Warm dishes up properly and even defrost frozen food thoroughly and delicately.Full-width grillPrepare your food in a healthier, juicier way with the Professional 60 X60INDMFEBL Cooker and the full-width grill built into the oven.You can set it to operate at half-width if you’re preparing smaller portions, and it gives you a great way to add colour and texture to all manner of items from meat to pizza and baked dishes.Oven safetyThanks to triple-glazed door glass, the Bertazzoni Professional 60 X60INDMFEBL Electric Cooker both minimises heat loss and keeps the oven exterior cooler. A cooling fan also helps maintain lower external temperatures, while a child lock prevents the controls from being accidentally adjusted.Keep those essential cookware items in the full-length storage drawer under the oven.Homes of all sizes will benefit from the versatile cooking power of the blue Bertazzoni Professional 60 X60INDMFEBL Electric Induction Cooker.