Hoover HO423/6VX Built-in Single Electric Fan Oven, Stainless Steel


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Hoover – HO423/6VX

Please note: This product is not available in our shops for viewing. The HO423/6VX fan oven from Hoover is a premium quality oven with 3 functions that will make perfect additions to your cooking. Complete with a great ‘A 20%’ energy rating which is 20% better than a standard A rated oven. LED Vision Lighting LED Vision is a unique lighting system consisting of 14 tiny LED lights within the oven door, this provides you with perfect lighting to see even the darkest corners of the oven. Safety Self System The oven walls feature specially designed grooves that allow the shelves to slide more easily. The grooves also provide a secure stop, preventing accidents. Integral Fan Cooling A cooling fan circulates air around the oven controls, this helps to protect them and avoids the development of condensation on the door. Touch Control LED Programmer This is a digital touch control programmer that indicates the time and function and automatically switches the oven on and off at pre-set times. Features: Fan cooking Touch Control LED Programmer LED Vision lighting system Integral fan cooling system Variable grill Safety self system Roasting Tray/Grill Pan