Parrot PF723300 Minidrone Evo – Airborne Cargo Travis


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Parrot – PF723300

iOS & Android compatible Take snapshots with the vertical camera Control via the FreeFlight 3 app Battery provides 9 minutes flight time

Explore the world around you with the Parrot PF723300 Minidrone Evo . Customise your drone Let your imagination run free – this unique Minidrone can be easily customised as it features compartments for holding small objects, a base to attach mini figures and even building blocks. Get creative and instantly change looks to create your own personalised Minidrone Airborne Cargo Travis – great fun for kids and adults alike. Impress with acrobatics Lightweight and agile, the Minidrone Evo can turn 90° or 180° with just a single swipe of your finger, or perform and acrobatic 360° forward or backward flip with only a click. Designed with safety in mind, the Airborne Cargo features a propeller circuit-breaker in case of collision. Fly like a bird Just like setting a bird free, the Airborne Cargo features the exclusive Free Fall Take-Off which starts the engines automatically when the drone is released into the air. Ultra-compact and speedy, the Minidrone is lightweight yet offers superior flight stability thanks to a 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer. Smart control The Airborne Cargo is effortlessly controlled from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, connected via Bluetooth Smart with a range of up to 20 metres. Controlled via the FreeFlight 3 app, you’ll be able to perform a range of fun manoeuvres and even snap still images with the embedded vertical mini-camera before uploading them to your PC. Flying is made fun with the Parrot PF723300 Minidrone Evo – Airborne Cargo Travis .